The BYG Informatique company
BYG informatique is born in 1982 to connect I.V.D instruments to Laboratory Information Systems (L.I.S). The letters B, Y and G are the initials of the founders.
Key milestones
• 1989 : specific developments allowing several laboratories to share common instruments.
              20 laboratories, 5 sites, 7 different LIS interconnected through our solution.
• 1992 : UNIX migration. 60 sites installed
• 1996 : born of MEDSYS, a sister company. MEDSYS won the public tender to secure healthcare
              exchanges with cryptography solutions
• 1996 : new product using Microsoft Windows
• 2003 : partnership strategy
• 2009 : WEB migration for several modules. is born.
• 2012 : 400 customers (mores laboratories) are using our solutions.
              ISO 9001: 2008 certification.
   Specialist of secured healthcare data transfer.
   Develop DrNet Hprim and DrNet CPS solutions used by more than 4000 GPs or medical centers.
o SFIL -
   BYG informatique is an active member of SFIL.
   French association for improving software solutions in I.V.D.
o 111 des arts -
   BYG informatique and MEDSYS are partners of the association “111 des arts”.
   This association works for financing research on children leukemia and cancer through
   promotion of modern art.
o Entreprendre -
   Cyril Verhille is elected from “reseau Entreprendre”.
   This association involves leaders who are driven by growth and employment.
• Cyril Verhille : C.E.O
• Cécile Lurde : R&D
• Pierre Jean Cunill : Head of Commercial operation
• Eric Plançon : Product Manager
• Hervé Helye : Head of Customer support