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Partenariat EXALAB

Octobre 2015

Partnership between BYG INFORMATIQUE and the multi-site laboratory EXALAB

Following a European tender, EXALAB has chosen to equip all of its laboratories with BYG INFORMATIQUE’s middleware solution, EVM. The strategy behind EXALAB’s decision is their desire to set up an independent software tool dedicated to production management, workflow, quality control and method verification for all of its activities.

« The EXALAB group needs to have a production management tool which is efficient, independent, and able to follow the rapid development of our organizations and our work. We trust BYG INFORMATIQUE to accompany us in this direction. In addition to the EVM solution itself, we also share the same values », states Philippe BROCHET, President of EXALAB.

« This deal is particularly important to us in light of EXALAB’s visibility as well as the scope of the volume treated and the number of instrument connections. Equally important, this partnership materializes today’s industrial trend for large private structures to have on one side a Laboratory Information System (L.I.S), and on the other, an independent, open and flexible production tool », says Cyril VERHILLE, President of BYG INFORMATIQUE.

The EXALAB group englobes 52 laboratories, 5 technical platforms, approximately 20 000 samples per day over 100 instrument connections.
BYG INFORMATIQUE is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, and its EVM solution runs in more than 300 technical platforms in France and abroad. Its software is now available in 6 languages ​​(EN, FR, DE, IT, SP, CZ).

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