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The Universal Instrument Connector

Some instruments do not have a native communication protocol such as ASTM or HL7. The possibilities for importing / exporting data are then only possible through structured files like .csv for example.

The integration of these instruments in the laboratory environment and in particular the connection to the LIS will be in this case «tailor-made», difficult to reproduce from one connection to another, from one site to another. The validation and verification phases of the connection in the sense of the requirements of ISO 15189 are not easy to implement. The maintainability of this kind of connection is difficult in case of evolution on the SIL side or the instrument side.

To solve all these issues, we have developed a universal instrument connector to make these instruments easily connectable by using standard protocols such ASTM and soon HL7.

Key features:

  • Bidirectional connection mode with LIS. ASTM and soon in HL7
  • Serial or TCP / IP network connection
  • Simple to install and to maintain
  • Automatic constitution of dictionaries
  • No users interaction in routine mode

  • B-Link® is connectable on all LIS
  • B-Link® is adaptable to all instruments which do not have a native communication protocol
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